Why renting out?

Whether you already own a holiday home or are considering buying one, a commonly asked question is “Can we afford the costs?”

A holiday home often is unused for a large portion of the year. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have the best of both worlds: - visit your holidy home whenever you like and at the same time rent it on a weekly basis when you are not using it yourself - resulting in your property either costing you far less or possibly even generating you an income!

Alphome can arrange this for you without any time or effort on your part. Alphome is specialised in short-term rentals of private holiday homes in the Kitzbüheler Alpen skiing area and it has been part of the Belvilla Family since June 2017. With brands including Belvilla, VillaXL and Topic Travel, this is one of the key players in the online market for accommodation rentals in the Benelux.

Want to know more about the rental possibilities offered by Belvilla? On belvilla.com/homeowners you will find all the information about Belvilla and the rental benefits for you as homeowner.